Human All Rights Reserved

Montse Arbelo y Joseba Franco present Human All Rights Reserved in Transfer Lounge. Through the symbolic representation of the human body, physical and virtual, container of what we are and dream to be, we offer the territory and place of encounter of Creation and Destruction. Man and Woman united by the architecture of knowledge (textual and audio-visual). The VIRTUAL REALITY represents a new opportunity for humanity of re-think on artistic participation. In her we combine cognitive knowledge (development of an intuitive interface) and the virtualitation of the human being (its projection within the screen and new concept of the human being).

We offer the multi-user platform like a tele-shared space where the user will be able to sail and to lodge his virtual body (avatar) like a metaphor of the individual being, encouraged by the knowledge of the other and by the trajectory of the I within these Fundamental Bodies. Users worldwide will be able to participate in the construction of this universal conscience.

A marker with number 6,000,000,000 (approximated Earth inhabitants), will be descending with each incorporation.

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