Craze by Filippos Tsitsopoulos

Filippos Tsitsopoulos presenta craze en Transfer Lounge una serie de trabajos en video.

Filippos Tsitsopoulos presents craze in Transfer Lounge a series of videoworks.

A Wordless language of the nature probes.
Craze in all of the forms flutter as an infrequency in front of our eyes .
The video and the Photo are there the memory to serve, much more the phantasm of the imagination ,the illusion to serve.
The truth of the instantaneous photograph and the narrate of the video gives the exact Truth face of craze ,the changing scene of real or imagined figures.
Here comes the craze :
We see the craze as enrichment and we don’t healing we don’t use any therapy.
In Love to presenting the paradox of the cause, the paradox to switch the brain.

Craze. Filippos Tsitsopoulos

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