Staycee Pearl is a life-long dance-maker/visual artist, committed to the creation and exhibition of multi-media works that are indicative of the human experience. She strives to give as much attention to interpersonal relationships as to global concerns, demonstrating multiple thematic viewpoints and a wide range of emotion. With intense passion for people, art, community, and culture, she encourages and participates in truthful and inclusive creative experiences. Staycee's movement and visual arts experience is centered in contemporary and secular movement styles while incorporating both traditional and conceptual processes. She is currently working on her BFA in Studio Arts at the University of Pittsburgh.

Herman Pearl (aka Soy Sos) has been obsessed with music and recording since his first tape recorder at age 10. His broad range of experience includes internationally acclaimed record releases, film soundtracks, TV advertising jingles, music libraries and radio spots. He has also done sound design for theatrical and dance productions and served as front of house live sound engineer. As a guitarist he has appeared on national TV and toured throughout the US and Carribean.

His production esthetic can best be described as deep, clean, dirty, and dubbed out. He has a broad understanding of many popular dance and electronic music styles including Dance Hall/Reggae, Hip Hop and Deep House.

Soy Sos is a co-founding member of Soma Mestizo, 3 Generations Walking and MKL vs. Soy Sos.

Below/abajo: PearlArts.

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